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Kairos – which, translated from Greek, means God’s time – is an opportunity for students to reflect on the presence of God in their everyday life. The themes for the four-day retreat are based on Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, and they challenge students to a deeper self-examination than the reflections of previous retreats.

The retreat takes place at the Stony Point Center in Stony Point, NY, and is led by seniors and members of Prep’s faculty and staff.

Sign-up for Kairos TODAY by going to the Kairos Registration page.

Kairos 50: October 24-27
Kairos 51: December 5-8
Kairos 52: January 30-February 2
Kairos 53: February 27-March 2
Kairos 54: April 17-20

If you have any questions about the Kairos retreat or the registration process, please reach out to Mr. Dougherty at 201-547-6486 or