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Bethel, Alaska

Where do we serve? What do we do? Students and chaperones will stay in the hall at Bethel's Catholic Church. The group will spend time learning about lifestyle in Bethel and the native Yu'pik culture. They will also spend time in service at non-profit agencies throughout the town - the Senior Center, Bethel Alternative Boarding School, Tundra Women's Coalition, and the Catholic Church. All of these agencies have a Jesuit connection through the Bethel Jesuit Volunteer Corps Community.

When is the trip? The 2018 trip will be July 1-9.

Who is the program open to? Members of the Class of 2020 are invited to apply. Participants will be selected on the basis of their application and recommendations from faculty. Some of the criteria used in choosing the group are: character, flexibiltity in unexpected circumstance, trustworthiness, disciplinary record, academic record, responsibility, leadership qualities, and ability to work with a diverse group of classmates.

Where can I find the application? You can find the 2018 Bethel application here. Applications must be turned in by the end of the day on Monday, February 12.

What is the cost? The cost for the trip is approximately $1800 per-student, which includes airfare, food, taxes, housing, and all applicable fees. Students will be responsible for any personal expenses while on the trip. They should bring no more than $150 for these expenses. Other trip expenses are covered through school financing and fund-raising efforts. Limited Financial Aid is available for students who qualify.

Who should I contact for more information? Please contact Mr. Ryan O'Connell, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry with any questions. He can be reached at or (201) 547-6457.